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Welcome to WashBuddy - Leading Laundry Services in Bangalore

Have stains on your clothes which you want to get rid of or want to give a mesmerizing shine to your designer wear? You are certainly scrolling down at the right place! We at WashBuddy laundromats ascertain the best treatment to even the most fragile clothing that is handed over to us by our customers with utmost trust. Even though we are the biggest laundry service providers in Bengaluru, our real earnings are your trust and satisfaction and that is what we value the most. Having a massive chain of laundromats and being the leading laundromat in Bengaluru, we are capable of serving our customers with the best technology and latest washing, ironing and stain-removal techniques.

We focus on keeping up with the value of our customers and their satisfaction so we do not step back from providing some laundry services at free of cost. For instance- Making your favourite garment glister by using fabric conditioner or adding some protection by giving it a Dettol wash, we don't like to charge you for it!

Be it the curtains which enhance the beauty of your home or the latest trendy garment that you invested in, we don't let the signs of ageing suppress its attraction; no matter how complex it is to wash, we master the skills of handling it with care and return you a better and lustrous form of what you bring to our store. Yes! We preserve it just like you preserved your hard-earned savings to buy these stuff.

If you are thinking that the above mentioned points are all that we offer, then we are afraid as you are certainly getting mistaken! We also provide our lovable customers with pick-up and delivery deftness so that their life gets even easier by just handing over and getting back their priced possessions at their door steps. Yes, we are just a call away if you are unable to drop in at our place! So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and dial our numbers for getting the most lavish laundry service ever! Or just download our App to book our laundry on the go!

WashBuddy - The Buddy That Cleans For You The Best

Shakespeare said “The apparel oft proclaims the man” and Mark Twain said “Clothes Maketh a Man.” We at WashBuddy take the bard and the writer very seriously. We definitely agree with them that clothes are what define a person. We go a little further. We say that besides clothes other personal accessories on the person such as shoes on the feet, handbags on the shoulder and a trolley bag are worthy complements to clothes.

WashBuddy is the latest sensation to hit Bangalore. We are the new kids on the block armed with exceptional techniques to keep your clothes, shoes and handbags absolutely spick and span to present your true self to the outside world.

Bangalore's biggest chain of Laundromats

Quality always matter for customers to invest their belief in a company/brand and that is why we ensure quality is never compromised in our services. We are happy to announce that Wash Buddy is the largest Laundromat in Bangalore with more than 10000 encouraging happy customers in our family. We are keen to pamper our customers with best of our laundry services where quality always matter. We are also expanding our services to all the areas of Bangalore to cater the needs of larger population. We invite you all to join us in our journey which will surely be very fruitful for you!