Plant and Machinery

We strive towards complete customer satisfaction at affordable price through our smart and hi end technical machinery. Our modern and latest in technology machinery gives stupendous output and faster service. Our state of the art imported washers and dryers are super-efficient and well maintained. We also use high quality detergents and fabric softeners which are not harsh on your clothes and thus your clothes do not fade and hold on to their everlasting shine.

Laundry Process

Our services includes complete washing, drying and ironing which ensures that you get your spic and span clothes which are just ready to wear. The clothes go through a thorough inspection and are carefully treated on the stains, cuffs and collars. Then the clothes are washed in fabric friendly detergent in clean water. To add more hygiene to the process, each customer's clothes are washed separately. We always feel fabric conditioners are essential part of laundry hence they go by default with every wash. We don't charge anything extra for fabric conditioner.

Sun drying is no more hygienic in the dusty streets of Bangalore. Our hi-end tumble dryers dry your clothes safely, quickly and dust free.

Finally we ensure you get your wrinkle free ready to wear clothes by using our industrial steam ironing machines. Last but not least our experts will pack your clothes in such a way that it will easily fit in your wardrobe.


Our team of 30 expert and experienced people is carrying out this task to make your life bit easier. The workers ensure proper working of the machinery and of some problem arises in the machines they immediately get them repaired. Our workers also properly inspect the clothes, and every set of laundry is separated from another so that there is no mixing up and to avoid losing of clothes.

Our expert and experienced team will carry out all the task to make your life easier. Our staffs are trained to carry out the process effectively and efficiently.

Go stainless, creaseless and smart!