Clothes Gleaming Like New

We have brought fresh thinking to how clothes should be laundered. Our washing process ensures the removal of dust and dirt from clothes without harming the integrity of your fabric, no matter how delicate it is. We have invested in the best techniques for removing stains on your clothes. In fact, our washing process and stain removal technique actually add a luster to your fabric giving it an absolutely fresh and new look, perhaps even better than new.

Our fresh thinking is not limited to treatment of the fabric. We have revolutionized service by offering door delivery and pickup. We have 13 Laundromats spread across Bangalore from where we organize pickups. We are alive to the digital revolution. Our fast-loading app is a testimony to our commitment to excellent service.

Our pricing is another innovation. We charge you on a per piece basis or on weight basis so as to help you to reduce your costs of laundry. Our normal delivery is within two days. We also have one day express service and an ultra-express service at extra cost. We launder colored clothes separately and hence we charge you a little extra. We have an absolute freebie for you. Our fabric conditioning, bleaching and Dettol wash is free; all you have to do is ask. We also provide ironing only services.

Why only clothes, you can get all your fabrics such as curtains, pillow covers, bed sheets, upholstery and linen laundered in our state-of-the-art Laundromat.

Give us a call or visit our website or use our app to get your clothes laundered or dry-cleaned or just ironed.

Shoes Burnishing Like New

We mentioned earlier that shoes are an important part of men’s attire. Shoes are different from clothes when it comes to maintenance. Leather is a difficult material to maintain, and if not maintained properly it shows off poorly and does not match with the freshly laundered clothes you wear. Now, you no longer have to fret about your shoes.

We at WashBuddy will take care of your shoes and make them look absolutely brand new.

Our shoe-experts will examine your shoes and advise you on the course of action to make them look like new. It could be a simple repair work or a simple replacement work or a complicated intervention. No matter what the kind of repair your shoes need we will do our best to get your shoes back to you in absolute pink of health condition.

Our shoe-repair technology is highly advanced and deals with a host of repair processes that can undertake insole replacement or full sole replacement or restoring the upper’s color or replace the upper itself. In short, we are the shoe experts and we can help you build and maintain your shoe wardrobe.

Give us a call or visit our website or use our app to get your shoes cleaned to make them look like the day you bought them.

Handbags Bright And Sleek Like New

Perhaps, the handbag is among the most used and abused items a person carries. The ubiquitous bag is a woman’s best friend, safety net, carry-all for all things necessary, fashion statement and convenience that a woman needs. That being the case is it any wonder that a woman cares for her handbag like she cares for her other items of clothing or personal accessories.

However, despite care being shown the handbag does show signs of wear and tear. We at WashBuddy have taken on the responsibility of helping you with services to keep your handbag ship shape for your next bout of frenzied shopping.

We have leather experts who will carefully evaluate the work needed on your handbag and determine a course of action to restore it to its pristine condition. It could be a simple cleaning affair or zip change or a handle repair or a complex one involving both the outer leather repair and the inner lining repair. We can also restore your handbag to its original condition or if you so desire we can transform the handbag into something different, trendier or more fashionable.

We do take on any type of leather accessories including your wallets or totes or simply handbags.

We believe that you must make a statement when you travel by air. We are sure you don’t want your luggage to look shoddy. After all, luggage goes through so many baggage handling processes at the airports. We have a special department which handles the maintenance of your luggage ensemble. We repair them if necessary and we clean them to make them airworthy every time you fly.

Give us a call or visit our website or use our app to get your handbag and luggage restored to their pristine condition.


We provide the best of our service and ensure hygiene and customer satisfaction is on our top priority.

We render complete laundry services which include;

  • Domestic Laundry which includes clothes of all house members to your house linens
  • Shoes and Bags cleaning, repairing & mending services
  • Curtains
  • Carpets and Upholstery
  • Quilts
  • Commercial Laundry where we also serve hotel laundry and guest laundry

We also provide you with two hours express service for walk-in and six hours express pickup and delivery for your urgent needs.