General Terms of Service

The customer must notify WashBuddy within 24 hours of receipt of a delivery of any lost items from that particular delivery; failure to do so will not entitle the customer for any claim towards that particular delivery.

We will not take any liability for stains, color loss, color bleeding, loss of buttons, cloth stretching and other such issues. These issues primarily happen with cloth ageing and not a result of our laundry practices.

White/light fabric and dark fabric go great together in your body, but not so much in the wash. You should separate whites from colors. This is customer's responsibility and we are not responsible for color mixing.

In the event of damage caused in an article or loss for which we take the responsibility, the customer is compensated according to the table for the current values on the devaluation for the articles; the compensation relates only to the entrusted articles. The maximum compensation is limited to 10 times the washing price and will be reimbursed in accordance with the International Fabricare Fair Claims Guide

Check for wash care label in your outfits. If only dry wash is recommended, then normal wash should not be done. It is customer's responsibility to separate color bleeding clothes and instruct if there are any specific wash or dry instructions in washcare labels.

Check pockets for cash, ornaments, valuables, pen drives etc., before giving it to us. We are not liable for any such articles. We will try our best to return them, however we do not guarantee them.

We strive to our best to keep up the agreed pickup and delivery timings. Delays due to any unforeseen situations or natural calamities will not entitle for any compensation

100% Stain Removal Is Not Guaranteed. Check Thoroughly Before Taking The Delivery.

Delivery Should Be Taken Within 3 Days From The Actual Delivery Date.

Color Bleeding In Multi-color Sarees / KurthasIs Common Depending On The Quality Of The Material. We Will Not Take Any Responsibility For Color Touch While Processing.

In Shoe Soles, Yellowish Brown Is Common In The Bottom And Side Bottom Even After Cleaning. If We Try To Remove Then The Material Will Get Damaged.

Garments Like Curtains / Winter Wear / Jackets Which ARE NOT CLEANED FOR LONGER DURATION Are Prone To Get Damaged While Processing. We Will Not Take Responsibility For Any Such Damages.

If You Receive A Garment With "STAIN NOT REMOVED" Card, Please Understand We Tried Our Maximum Without Damaging The Garments.

Complaints –If Any, Must Be Notified Within 24 Hours From The Time Of Delivery. We Will Not Take ResponsiblityFor Any Complaints Received After 24 Hours.

For Complaints Call 888 444 3 222